4 Ways to Help You Overcome Your Self-Promotion Woes

Start Promoting Your Work Consistently Today

Ideally we would all love to put our work out there and have it blast from screen to screen, millions (or even thousands) of happy readers sharing it, talking about it, loving all of our thoughts and words.

One day that can happen but if you are just starting out on your writing journey self-promotion is a necessary task. One that not many people feel comfortable with but one that is absolutely necessary.

I have seen it in action with my google analytics and website stats. When I am on the top of my game with self-promotion my numbers stay strong and grow. When I drop the ball with self-promotion my numbers plummet.

There are different kinds of self-promotion. Your website (you really need a website!). Different social media avenues Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

A helpful article about social media for writers from Celadon Books : Social Media for Authors: Finding your Fans Online by Jessica Dukes

There are other options like your mailing list or engagement groups such as bloglovin’ . Platforms such as Medium .

Within each of these self-promotion avenues there is also a delicate balance to be learned for each one. Platforms such as Twitter are friendlier to multiple tweets with the same link / info whereas the Instagram community is a little more fickle and the wants more personal, everyday life with a little self-promotion mixed in.

It’s a lot to balance and figure out. Something though you must find your groove in or your work will not be seen.

Here are 3 tips to help you figure out and ramp up your self-promotion efforts:

1. Use an automated scheduler. There are so many to choose from. Here are a few to consider:


Plann (for Instagram)


Tailwind (more for Pinterest but includes instagram now)


My favorite by far is Eclincher (this is not an add , I am not affiliated with them after using several others I now use their product and love it). The lowest priced plan is $49 a month but worth every penny. With Eclincher can schedule on all your platforms using this tool. It is organized and their customer service is amazing!

2. Be consistent. Block out time in your week to work on your scheduling. To do the amount of self-promotion you need to do it will take a dedicated block of your time.

Have a system — such as # of tweets per day when you roll out a new blog post, re-promote old work by posting one old post per day. Make decisions ahead of time such as, are you going to do dedicated Instagram posts to promote your work or use stories only?

The importance of being consistent is also so you can keep your momentum.

Personally, I will get into a good groove with my self-promotion. Then if I stop I find it hard to start again because I have to work though all the self conscious feelings and the basic “I don’t want to do this, I feel weird” block.

3. Interact with those who like, follow and/or comment on your social media platforms and your work!

Connecting with people is part of this process. People like to know that you know they are reading your work or are following you. You would be surprised how much a quick “thanks for reading” or “thanks for following” will go with someone. *bonus* it makes you feel good too!

Want to go the extra mile? Come up with a short little get to know me I want to get to know you blurb that you can personalize per person quickly and send that to each new follower. Then be sure to check back and engage with them when they reply.

Bonus tip: don’t take it personally if someone does not reply to your direct message! They may later or never. That’s ok you did your part.

As you connect with people, they will read your work, visit your website, and continue to come back because they will want to know what you are sharing with the world.

4. Stay true to your own personality and style as you self-promote.

Even though self-promotion may be way out of your comfort zone you can do it and find a way of doing this that fits your own personality and style.

If it feels too forced it probably is but don’t give up. Try something new.

If you focus on this and work on it, your self-promotion efforts will start to flow!

10 (practically) Cringe-less Self-Promotion Ideas for Authors by Kimberly Dana may help you come up with some ideas to get your started.

As writers, we like to sit behind our laptops and type for days. Often letting the world around us fade away. Which is ironic since we are most often writing something about that very world.

We cannot allow ourselves to get so lost in our own minds that we forget to connect and self-promote.

Just as much as we love to write we love to have people read what we write and that will not happen without self-promotion.

We all have to do it. You can too!

full-time average mom, part-time grocery store employee, part-time writer. Founder of #thesosblog www.simplyoursociety.com & Average Alice (on Medium).

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