4 Ways to Help You Overcome Your Self-Promotion Woes

Heidi Suydam
4 min readJan 10, 2020

Start Promoting Your Work Consistently Today

Ideally we would all love to put our work out there and have it blast from screen to screen, millions (or even thousands) of happy readers sharing it, talking about it, loving all of our thoughts and words.

One day that can happen but if you are just starting out on your writing journey self-promotion is a necessary task. One that not many people feel comfortable with but one that is absolutely necessary.

I have seen it in action with my google analytics and website stats. When I am on the top of my game with self-promotion my numbers stay strong and grow. When I drop the ball with self-promotion my numbers plummet.

There are different kinds of self-promotion. Your website (you really need a website!). Different social media avenues Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

A helpful article about social media for writers from Celadon Books : Social Media for Authors: Finding your Fans Online by Jessica Dukes

There are other options like your mailing list or engagement groups such as bloglovin’ . Platforms such as Medium .



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